Marjan Grdadolnik was born in the year 1967. He currently resides in Logatec, Slovenia.

He graduated in Clarinet from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. Later he started to study Conducting with Prof. Milivoj Šurber. He teaches the Clarinet at the Primary Music School in Logatec where he was been ten years also a Conductor of The School Symphonic Orchestra. He toured to Rome, Italy two times with this orchestra in the year 2007 and 2009. They recorded and published a live CD at the concert and its called ” Logatec Symphony Orchestra in Roma. He often Conducts The Symphonic and the Wind Orchestra at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. He is also a member of The Clarinet Orchestra of Slovenia and an organist at the Home Parish of St. Nikolas, Logatec.

Since the year 1999, Mr. Grdadolnik has been a Conductor of the Logatec Wind Orchestra. This orchestra regularly takes part in the competitions at the highest concert performance level. With this orchestra Mr. Grdadolnik has been achieving excellent results in the past few years. They have together won 5 gold medals out of which 3 were with commendation.

Mr. Grdadolnik has been a Conductor of the Mixed Choir Adoramus and took part in both National and International competitions. The choir got the Absolute First Prize in the year 2000 at the Prague Choral Competition. The award was presented to him by Mr. Petr Eben, the famous Czech Composer. He is also active as a Composer. His Laudate Dominium for the Mixed Choir and String Orchestra is frequently performed at concerts by various choirs. This composition was written in the year 2002 at the time when his choir Adoramus celebrated 15 years of existence.

In August 2008, Mr. Grdadolnik conducted The National Radio Symphonic Orchestra of Romania in Bucharesta. He conducted Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. His interpretation of Beethoven’s work with the orchestra received compliments from the audience and also got excellent reveiws from Professional critics.

Mr. Grdadolnik graduated in Conducting with honours at a public concert with the National Radio Symphonic Orchestra, Slovenia at the Ljubljana Academy of Music in January,2009 in Prof. Milivoj Šruber’s class. He has perfected it with Prof. Wolfgang Doerner and maestro Dejan Savic.

In August 2009, he led The European Medical Student’s Orchestra.

Mr. Grdadolnik received The Prešeren award for Students for extraordinary achivement in the field of Conducting for the school year 2008/2009.